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Chris Boone

Port Orange, FL


I was born in Atlanta, Georgia on August 1, 1949. My father was a painter, sculptor, muralist there with my grandmother, also an artist. They
owned and operated a successful studio there - "Clay Boone Studios". The studio was a large two story victorian house built right after the Civil War, and the rooms were converted into work rooms. I remember it being a busy place, smelling like turpentine and paint, people in and out all the time. My grandmother was well known and quite successful which I did not realize until later on, I had seen her on the local T.V. channel, and in full-color articles in the Atlanta Journal - Constitution. My father was a muralist, and did exquisite work in many well to do homes around Atlanta. He had told me he attended the Art Institute of Chicago for a period, and had worked on a giant mural for the Governor's mansion in the 1950's. He taught me how to draw before I was 10 years old. It was a wonderful time in my life. I painted on an easel right next to him, as he helped develop my skills before his death when I was thirteen. I never stopped drawing or painting.

I still paint today. I have shown in many exhibitions, shows & galleries, have won many awards & commendations, and paintings have been featured in publications and newspapers. I have over 40 pieces wrapped and stored in my studio right now, waiting for an appreciative buyer to
purchase. I accept commission jobs for a variety of projects, just e-mail me and we can discuss it at your convenience. Thank you for visiting
my site here at Fine Art America, and hope you come back as often as you wish.



Young Picasso - Pastel study by Chris Boone


Watching the watcher by Chris Boone


The Only Way by Chris Boone


Pipe lighter by Chris Boone


Naked and afraid by Chris Boone


Guitar out my window by Chris Boone


Pittsburgh Smoker by Chris Boone


The Juggler by Chris Boone


Tall red house by Chris Boone


Swan #2 by Chris Boone


Drive on the beach by Chris Boone


Swan abstract by Chris Boone


ANGELOS DREAM by Chris Boone


Abstract figures by Chris Boone


Blue mermaid by Chris Boone


Away by Chris Boone


Quiet Lagoon by Chris Boone


Amalgamation by Chris Boone


Young Aristotle by Chris Boone


Tall blue house by Chris Boone


A question about existance by Chris Boone


Face abstraction #4 by Chris Boone


Abstract figure # 3 by Chris Boone


City - abstraction by Chris Boone


Man's face - done in Line by Chris Boone


Learning how to fish by Chris Boone


A sailor named Red by Chris Boone


Young boy - in large scale by Chris Boone